Homestead [Closed RP]

It had been just over a year since the Reapers had been defeated and the Reaper War had ended. Shepard’s memories had returned for the most part, but there were still holes in her mind; holes that she had accepted to never be filled.

She and Michael had both come to an agreement to move to Earth, as areas had been repaired now. There was still a lot to do in terms of clean up and rebuilding, but the area they were planning on moving to, was for the most part untouched.

The stretch of land they had chosen was pretty much ready to be lived in. The house was in good shape, but the old stables could use some work. The doors didn’t close all the way, and rot was obvious in the walls of a couple of stalls. In total, they had enough room to house ten to fifteen horses. Shepard figured they would try for the lower number. Ten horses would be a lot of work to look after, even if they would have owners coming by.

There was also a decent sized pasture for the horses to graze. The fence was in rather good shape, and Shepard figured it would hold for now. They could easily get it fixed if they had to.

Kaylee had been very, very excited by the whole move. She would get to actually be outside again, and not just wandering the Presidium. That wasn’t as outside as she would have liked.

The move took a few months to fully complete. Settling in was a little hard, mostly because Kaylee kept getting frightened by the odd creaks and groans of the house settling in the cold air of the evenings and nights, and it took a couple of weeks for her to get used to them.

A month after the move was done and they were settled, two horses had taken up residence in their stable. A young buckskin colt and an old grey mare were the two horses there. They were friendly animals, always happy to see Shepard and Michael and Kaylee when they came by.

It was a rainy day on the moor. Shepard had brought some treats in the form of apples out to the pair of horses. It was a little early, but Shepard had been woken up by the sound of the rain overhead and had figured it was time to get an early start to the day.

“Hey, there, you two,” she said, carefully slicing the apple in half and then dropping one half into each of their feed buckets. “I hope the rain isn’t bothering you too much.”

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